Toolbox Talks with Free Handouts

Toolbox Talks

Workplace safety is a concern to many bosses and managers.  The best way to prevent workplace accidents is to have toolbox talks with your employees about preventing them.

A great process of informing your employees about occupational job safety is to have quick 10-15 minute meetings to discuss safety.  Most meetings are under 10 minutes but save time for questions.  Employees have a chance to refer to these meetings and handouts to increase their knowledge.

The toolbox talks are referred to as quick and painless meetings.  Instead of a “water cooler”, the talks are centered around a “toolbox”.  The talks are designed to keep workers safe by  systematically educating them and bring attention to harmful situations.

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FREE OSHA Toolbox Talks

Typically, weekly company meetings are recommended but will vary from company to company.  The best solution is to keep a regular schedule of the safety talks.

Our toolbox talks cover many different workplace safety topics.  Please do review our documents before initiating a talk to verify our information follows your company policies.  In addition, you may need to change your policies to meet safety standards before any talk transpires.

Everyone, managers and employees alike, must be aware of OSHA standards and a focus on employee safety in every workplace.  Now is the time to start building a safe company environment.

Do you need to keep track of who is in attendance of the safety talks?  We have your covered!  The topic sheets are formatted so that a supervisor can use them to track participation.

FREE PDF Downloads:


Back Sprains and Strains


Carbon Monoxide and your Forklift – Be Aware of The Hazard


Chemical Warning Labels


Electrical Safety – Watch Out For Electrical Arcs!


Ergonomics – Back Safety


Handling Waste Antifreeze Properly


Hard Hats and Overhead Safety


Hearing Protection – How Hearing Works


Ladder Safety


Protective Clothing and Equipment – Your Personal Line of Defense


Respiratory Protection & Air-Purifying Respirators Safety


Storing Incompatible Chemicals


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